Welcome to Be Free Kiwi.

My name is Carol - I have been a user of a power wheelchair since 2016 due to Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  During this time, I have been complaining about the unfair pricing of disability equipment, and in some cases, the total absence of a piece of equipment, usually due to the fact we are in New Zealand, though sometimes because no one had made it yet (side bag for my power chair is a case in point).  I work in a special school, teaching IT as well as developing and maintaining IT processes and systems.

My husband, Lee, works in social marketing, and is also a freelance website designer who had already launched a successful business.  In addition to this, he runs the house, cares for me and our children, and takes on all new projects with huge gusto. He is my rock.

Between Lee’s online skills and business acumen, and my knowledge of what is and isn’t available (or ludicrously overpriced), and our combined passion to try and level the playing field (where possible) for families living with a disability, we came up with Be Free.  We are so certain about what we have to offer, that within 72 hours of first discussing the idea, we had the name, domain name, logo, all social media handles, registered with Companies House, opened a business bank account, and started purchasing stock !!

We want people to be free - and we want to offer products to increase independence, dignity and freedom.  Let us know what products you would like to see, and we will try our best to source them, at a fair price.